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"That is such a great player. I walked into Chris Cobb’s shop, Real Guitars, in San Francisco, one day, not thinking of buying anything. But there were two ’60s Strats – a ’64 and a ’61 – on consignment. I couldn’t believe it, I’d been looking for something like them for 10 years. So then and there, I bought them. Then Chris said, “If you’re in the mood for buying stuff, I’ve got my Special here.” He brought this thing out, and I could not believe it. I’d owned some nice ones, but they always fought me, as a player. This one, though, is amazing. Talk about mojo! I couldn’t believe how great it sounded and how easy it was to play. He had bought it from an old rock-and-roll player who told him he was the only owner. My neurosis kicked in, and I had to have it. So that was an expensive afternoon, as I walked out with three cases!"

Satriani: That’s a good question. Generally, we do a bunch of planning. And then every time I show up at these things, I just sort of really feel it out hour to hour, and we make changes based on who shows up, because it’s not like a concert that you’re doing every night where you want to have some sort of rigid scheduled setlist so the lighting guy and the sound guy and everyone is all together on the same page. This format of doing one of these per year really allows me to make subtle and even sweeping changes right at the moment that I’m showing up. The second day after doing a whole day with 200 campers, you certainly get a great idea based on that, because you’re hanging out with all the campers. And you can respond to their needs in a much quicker way, and make something happen really fast, and put together a new kind of a show or something with some of the other players you’ve invited along.

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Joe Satriani - Satchurated: Live In MontrealJoe Satriani - Satchurated: Live In MontrealJoe Satriani - Satchurated: Live In MontrealJoe Satriani - Satchurated: Live In Montreal