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One last thing, when you come to print out the pattern DO NOT select the 'fit to page' option - the PDF has been designed to fit on both A4 and letter paper and if you select 'fit to page' then the size of the pattern will be too large.

By configuring the imp, a player may choose either of the two options (selecting the option will change the imp to that setting):

His body broken and with no help coming, Kun was left with no choice but to accept Nadd's offer and surrender to the dark side. In an instant, Kun's bones healed and strength returned, although Kun experienced several moments of intense pain—his cries were heard through the Force as far away as Deneba , where the Jedi convocation had gathered. Made whole again, Kun rose feeling stronger than he ever had before. Nadd's spirit guided him to the resting place of many of the ancient Sith Lords , where Kun realized that he now had the ability to read the Sith language written on the sarcophagi. Although Kun maintained that he was still a Jedi and would never belong to the dark side, when Nadd roused several deadly tuk'ata beasts into the room to test Kun, he found that he had lost his ability to draw on the light side of the Force. His lightsaber taken by Nadd and a tuk'ata at his neck, Kun reluctantly called upon the dark side and his inner anger to retrieve his lightsaber and slay the beasts. The spirits of the ancient Sith announced their approval of Kun after this act, and although he still believed that he had not been seduced by the dark side, Kun decided to follow Nadd's bidding and complete his research on the moon Yavin 4 , where the Sith magician Naga Sadow had taken his followers hundreds of years before . [8]

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Perhaps one of the more radical notions of this pre-Victorian novel is the Queen’s establishment of sole female secession. Like the Virgin Queen before her, she shuns marriage and motherhood to focus solely on her kingdom, and decrees that no longer will the secession go to a first born son, but to the unmarried women in her line who are between the ages of 20 and 25 years old.

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It is currently unknown what primals are worshiped by the Qiqirn , Gigas , or Mamool Ja , if they even worship any at all.

Wyrm - Wandering NorthwardsWyrm - Wandering NorthwardsWyrm - Wandering NorthwardsWyrm - Wandering Northwards